Day 5: Foot appeal update~!

Stop reading if you're about to eat~! HAR HAR HAR (errr.. seriously, I have pictures of my ugly feet.)

I know the instructions in the packaging tells us not to forcefully peel off the dead skin, but out of frustration I kind of scratched out a portion of my heel. My feet is itchy, but it's bearable... (but the frustration isn't)

I guess you can say the peeling has finally started. =_= I looked at my feet a little closer and I've found some peeling in other places ^_^

Here's where I scratched off a portion of my heel

There's a huge patch of dead skin at the right!

Ewww looks like cracked heels

At the moment, I'm worried that my feet wont fully peel as expected and would stay dry and ugly. The thinner skin on top of my feet look super scaly and there's hardly and signs of peeling.


  1. Doesn't look that bad today. Maybe the flash makes it look more harsh :D

  2. My feet looks scary today (day 7) T^T