Celeteque Travel Kit

I bought Celeteque's travel kit since I thought it could be handy in the office. I usually wash my face after lunch in the office, I know it isn't recommended to wash your face too often but it's one way for me to perk up while working.

The travel kit came with a cleanser, toner and a moisturizer.


Each bottle had the expiration date printed on it.


I broke out because of this, especially because of the cleanser. I'm still using it until I can finish all three products... I hope I can... 

Good thing I didn't buy the big bottles. I feel like the cleanser is a little to mild for me and my Cetaphil cleanser does a better job. Can't comment on the toner since I don't like it and I don't really hate it at the same time. The moisturizer on the other hand was my favorite of the 3. It felt like my Cetaphil cleanser when used without water.

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