Stress Relief Haul - HyperMarket and Watsons

Recently, whenever I'm stressed, I go shopping... having a mall connected to my office building isn't as safe for my savings since I keep on spending every time I get stressed.

Last week, here are the things that I bought collectively =_=

I wanted to try Foot Appeal for the longest time, (Since Nikki of Askmewhats.com posted a review on it). I'm still hesitant to use it, despite buying it. Still trying to muster up all the courage I can to use this... I'm worried my feet wont be presentable during the 2 weeks of peeling.

I bought a couple of eye patches for my dark circles and my puffy eyes. There were 2 pairs inside the Dark Circle Reducer Eye Patches.

I saw these masks with the cute packaging and I just had to get them~

I got my favorite Green Tea Collagen Mask~! I also got some pore strips and some Face Mask sheets for DIY facial masks.

Nail polishes~ I saw a really cute color on catmare09's blog and I had to get the same color... and another one~ hehehehe~

Neon Pink NAILS~ weee~!


  1. Nice haul! I have tried Foot Appeal and I love it! :D

    Yay for the polishes you got, the hot pink looks pretty, too!

  2. @Catmare Thanks ^_^ I'm still looking for a way to avoid my officemates' judgemental looks after using Foot Appeal~ but I really really want to try it XD

  3. Shopping when I am stressed is what i do! It's fun, but oh so bad for my wallet!!! I can't wait for your review of foot appeal! I really want to try it!

  4. @Mischievous Mack ^__^ I love your Haul posts on your blog, I also love asian products~