Milia Update: Wrong diagnosis...

Remember the time I went to VMV to try out on of their facials but it was someone in VMV who made me aware that the treatment for Milia would cost me a fortune (Aspirin Mask and Milia). I did almost everything "Within" budget to get rid of my milia (mostly home remedies huhuhu).

When I went to an aesthetics place last time, they told me what I had wasn't Milia and that I had to go to a dermatologist to get rid of those little bumps under my eyes. I wasn't able to remember what they called those little bumps I had until I went to visit another aesthetics place beside my office. The had treatments for milia which was the main reason why I came to visit their place. They told me that what I had were not milia but Syringoma.

I asked what the treatment was for Syringoma and how long it would take. They said they would only apply a cream all over my face and it would only take 30 minutes but they also warned me that the bumps on my face would turn into scabs and it would take 5 days before my face would look presentable in the office. They recommended that I do it on a long weekend.

I really need to go to a dermatologist... (I'm also seriously considering having some sort of micro dermabrasion done)


  1. the yettuce wrap looks pretty! Aerosole shoes are comfy!

  2. @Catmare ^__^ Feels like wearing bedroom slippers in the office <3