Nail art practice: Gradients~!

I wanted to try using the other nail care products from Caronia but unfortunately I got lazy and tried doing gradients instead hahahahaha~!

Here are the products I used:
1. Caronia Kurant Twist
2. Face Shop PP409
3. Konad Special Nail Polish - White
4. Konad Image plate m57
5. Caronia Fast-Dry Top Coat
6. Caronia Kwik-Dry & Cuticle Conditioner

Well, I got to use the Cuticle Conditioner AND the Top coat ^_^ I made too many mistakes trying to do a french tip but I gave up because I keep on removing all the polish when I make a mistake XD

I think I used an awkward color for my nails... I'll probably get teased that my nails look like I started to get frostbite... Whenever I try something new and nice I get teased about it... which is partly the reason why I don't go all out when it comes to dressing up and looking pretty.

Good luck to me tom :)

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