Konad Stamping Nail Art with Acrylic Paint

Last month, I asked a former officemate to accompany me to the shop of the suppliers of the Konad Stamping Nail Art at Harrison plaza (Malate, Manila). It actually took me 2 or 3 weeks to decide whether to buy or not~ I'm happy I did.
(Until I found a cheaper alternative XD)

I was really excited when I saw the store... initially I set a 600 php budget for the nail art stamp but I ended up spending more... =_= 

I thought I only had to buy the Stamp and scraper set and image plates which were cheap on the website... the Stamp and Scraper costs 170 Php (3.94 USD) and each image plate is 208 php (4.81 USD).. Unfortunately, I had to buy the Plate Holder for 170 Php (3.94 USD) and the special polish for 180 Php (4.17 USD) as well...

If it weren't for the people in the boutique, I would've walked out with nothing...  They were all really nice ^__^ I really recommend visiting rather than buying online since they were really accommodating and they also made sure that I learned how to stamp on my nails before I left the shop hahahaha!!!

Anne, May, me and Mr. Namhoie
The special polish was too expensive I couldn't make myself use them huhuhu so as soon as I got home I experimented with the stamp set and my polishes... 

 I used a bobbie polish for the base color and a black polish from face shop... seems like my face shop nail polishes works for my stamps or any nail polish thats really pigmented... Although, I compared the special polish with my normal polishes, the special polishes are definitely better. I should've taken a picture... Maybe next time...

Back to my experiments, I did some research to see if the stamps would work with my acrylic paints but I couldn't find any blog or video on youtube. I just tested it on my own.. 

I finally took out my rarely used acrylic paints~ (Random thought:I can sketch or draw or draw digitally but I suck at painting).

Here's my stamp and scraper set with the m57 image plate... I didn't want to use my image plate holder because I was too lazy to clean it up after XD...

 I'm using the zebra print with a black acrylic paint... I put some paint on the side of the image like how you would usually do with nail polish..

XD Scrape away~! Uhmmm I missed a spot!!!! Doesn't matter... It's an initial experiment har har har

Picked up the paint with my stamper~ Looks good right?

Here's what it looked like on my nails. The color isn't that solid... but it looks decent. I'd say Acrylic paint could be a cheap alternative for the special polish...

*sigh* A few days after this experiment, I found a stamp and scraper set at the Ellana kiosk Landmark for 99 Php (2.29 USD). I wanted to buy it to compare it with the Konad ones but a friend stopped me HAHAHAHA~!


  1. Wat kind of acrylic paint are those??

  2. It's just regular water based acrylic paint.