The Face Shop Phytogenic Infinite Foundation in NB23

When I went to The Face Shop at Shang to buy the silver nail art pen and a make up remover the cashier gave me 2 sample packets of the Phytogenic Infinite Foundation~!  It's actually the first ever samples I ever got from a cosmetic store HAHAHAHAHA~ So many firsts this past few weeks for me...

I was finally able to test it yesterday for a movie date with my boyfriend~! And I liked it!!! I was lucky the cashier gave me my something super close to my shade or probably my exact shade since it kind of disappeared on my face while I was applying it! I was super excited when I was putting it on!  

I didn't put all the contents of the sample on my face it think 1 sample sachet is good for 3-4 applications for me so I would have more time to think about buying the 35 ml one (or more time until I my first pay at my new office?).

It has SPF 20 PA++

What is PA++? Research mode..
PA ranking refers to the amount of protection the sunscreen offers from the UVA rays, since SPF just ranks protection from UVB rays. Source

 Oh I see~!!!!

Long-wearing full coverage foundation with Green Tea Extract

What's green tea extract good for? Research mode again XD.. Errr... I'm still a newbie when it comes to these things...

Apparently, Green tea is an antioxidant... which according to the google search I did, It's for Anti Aging or protecting skin from "Free Radicals" errr... Some people say green tea helped clear their skin...

I wonder... I can't resist mimicking my favorite bloggers.. pro and con alert!

1. The color matched my skin tone .
2. I thought it made my skin feel oily... but when I used an oil blotter, I didn't get much oil considering I wore this on a really hot day.. (That's a good thing, right?).
3. Someone said I looked "blooming" and didn't notice I was wearing foundation
4. Cheaper than other foundations at 995 Php (23.03 USD)
5. It didn't turn dark on my face. I have acidic skin, I could probably guess that the green tea prevented the foundation to oxidize on my skin. I'm not sure if that's how it works though...
6. It probably has some more benefits because of the SPF and green tea hehehe~

Since I fell in love with Shu's FA, I started comparing it with the foundations I've been trying at the malls... so..

1. It didn't feel as smooth as Shu's Face Architect.

Couldn't think of anything else...

I would probably buy this instead of Shu FA because it agrees with my budget more or if my sister didn't buy me the foundation I asked her to buy (I hope she doesn't since this was the only foundation that matched my skin tone)

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