Caronia Nail Care and Nail Art~

I was disappointed that my mood changing nail polish didn't last me 2 days T^T I chipped like crazy the first day I wore it and I really didn't want to take it off 'cuz I loved it so much. I really wanted to make my nail art and nail polish last longer so I bought a top coat from Caronia's Nail Care. ^_^ I didn't buy the base coat from Caronia though, I wanted to check how effective the top coat was before buying any other product >_< so I used it as a base coat. hehehehe!

6th day of my polish.. My nails are growing~!

 My nail polish lasted a whole week with very little chipping.

my polish started to chip a bit at the edges
Hihihi~! I ended up buying the Base coat and the cuticle conditioner yesterday. I can't wait to try these BUT my nail polish is still intact and still presentable. I still have no designs in mind yet =_=

In addition, I also think I'm getting better at putting on nail polish but I still have a long way to go when it comes to shaping my nails...

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