Saizen Haul!!! (Retail Therapy)

I've been feeling really down lately and I've been shopping like crazy to take my mind off things. I don't normally go out of my way to buy stuff, but yesterday I was so stressed out about a whole lot of random stuff.

So, I made a trip to saizen, with the intention of buying some nail art stuff... but I ended up buying other things as well XD I spent 3000 php on all my loots argh... my poor wallet

Here's a list of the things I bought:
1. Black, Brown, Yellow, White Nail art Enamel
2. Metallic Blue, Red, Pink, and Cream 3D art pens from Nail Nail
3. A glittery nail polish
4. Toe Separators
5. The famous Charcoal Mask
6. Fake Mail set of 110
7. a pack of make up sponges.
8. Ear plugs
9. 5 packs of Oyumaru Resin mold 
10. Plastic Clay tools.
11. Liquid Chalk
12. Fabric and Leather Bond
13. a super glue pen
14. Cleansing pad
15. 350 pcs of ear buds
16. a metal puzzle
17. Shiny powder (I thought this was something like the pearl powders for clay but apparently it's eyeshadow)
18. Rose scented hand cream
19. 2 packs of felt fabric
20. stuff to organize the incoming clutter I just bought...

I'm actually disappointed with the puzzle rings I bought since I took me less than 5 minutes to solve... but I love the cleansing pad (even though it makes my face feel super raw after washing). Other things I love were the organizing stuff, and the hand cream. Really looking forward to using the 3D nail art pens and the nail enamel...

I'm currently struggling with the oyumaru resin molds XD gahahahaha but I'm happy..

Quote from BF when he saw loots: "You REALLY went crazy"

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