Nail Art Therapy

I feel like nail art is getting me through my depression.. or I'm just getting high because of the smell of nail polish! HAHAHAHA just kidding.

I want to go crazy and buy a whole lot of tools and colors but like my other hobbies, this might be a phase for me, since I'm depressed and all. I wan't to change designs everyday~ I have so many ideas for designs =_=

1. Alice in wonderland nails
 - I need yellow polish =_= Oh wait!! I have acrylic paints! har har har
2. Strawberry Nails
 - I can use my current nail colors
3. Watermelon nails
 - same as strawberry nails hihihi
4. Piggy nails
 - I tried this before my cherry blossom nails but failed miserably
5. French Tip with some art
 - I need to grow my nails again for this...
6. Cloud Nails
 - I think I can work with the colors I have now for this design.
7. Peacock nails
 - in black and white with color accents XD

I need a place to put my ideas on XD I don't feel like putting it on my new sketch pad... =_= but I might forget..

The only thing I don't like about doing my nails is the smell of the nail polish... especially my new Face Shop polishes XD

My mind's wandering off to a different world again... I'm getting lazy =_=

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