Face Mask testing~

Out of the major hauls (holes in the wallet) I've made, I have tried Purederm's Aloe Collagen Mask and the Vitalizing Green Tea Pack this week.

I loved the Collagen Face mask more than the Green Tea Pack, The Collagen Face mask felt refreshing on my face I almost fell asleep with it on my face, when I took it off, it didn't feel super sticky like the other masks I tried on an I was able to leave the excess on my face to dry :)

On the other hand, the vitalizing green tea pack was kinda weird =_= I didn't really like it. It was slimy, sticky, and clumpy...

Vitalizing Green Tea Pack

Honestly, both facial masks didn't have life changing results for me like the DIY aspirin mask which gave my super soft skin on the first try. However, my frequent skin care experiments has been helpful when it comes to my freckles. ^__^

Speaking of aspirin mask, I think I found something that gives the same baby butt soft skin effect as the aspirin mask... I'll share it in another post :)

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