Current Favorites: Narakashiwa Charcoal Mask and Daiso Rose Hand Cream

Recently, I've been uninspired to do anything artistic. Probably because I'm moving to a new company tomorrow... nerves?

I attempt to do a lot of things but I end up doing them half heartedly so most of the time I don't bother trying (blogging included).

Although, I have somethings I look forward to from my recent damaging haul from Saizen.

First is the Narakashiwa Charcoal Mask and second is the Daiso Hand Cream.

I've read a lot about the charcoal mask from random blogs I've stumbled on during boring workdays... I wasn't that interested about it until I saw it on the shelves of Saizen.

I've tried the charcoal mask twice after my haul... I love how it feels on my skin while the mask is drying and after I peel it off. I should probably show a picture of all the dirt it can pull out, but I'm still contemplating if I should post product reviews on my blog..

Anyway, my second fave (ATM) is the Daiso hand cream. It's so dainty looking I had to buy it. I would've bought the Lavender one but the Rose one looked a lot more cute. Obviously, I bought it for the packaging. I looks like a product from Majolica Majorca, right?

As for the scent, I'd describe it as Potpourri BUT I'd go with my friend's description as "Scented Stationaries" Nyahahaha! Fits the packaging XD

Despite being uninspired I do have a list of things I want to do but I can't because I'm too lazy:
1. Make a doll house display for my miniatures
2. Make push molds out of the oyumaru I bought from Saizen
3. Practice putting on Nail Polish...
4. My blog layout...
5. Try out one of my fave bloggers' eyeshadow tutorials...

I'm so nervous about tomorrow... =_=

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