Update: Aspirin Mask (week: 3)

So It's roughly 3 weeks since I started using the aspirin mask in an attempt to remove my milia... So far here are the benefits I got (based on my previous post)

- dries out acne (I got pimples the first week I tried this but recently, I haven't had break outs)
-reduces redness (not so much)
-reduces size of pimples (slightly I guess)
-shrinks pores (YES!!)
-Easy to make (yes)
-Inexpensive (Yes, my bottle of aspirin is almost out since I shared some with 3 other people)
-Makes skin smooth as a baby's bottom (Seems like it was super smooth the first 3 times you put it on.. after a while it isn't that smooth.)
-exfoliates well (Yes)

I've also been using Garnier's facial wash which probably gave some additional benefits like fairer skin and lesser freckles. My freckles were like maps on my cheeks.. now they're just spots. I'm really happy about it.

As for my milia,  :( unfortunately, they're still on my face. My milia are smaller on the days I apply the mask and on the days I rest my face from any product, they look the same way before I started using the aspirin mask..

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