Quick Update: Aspirin Mask Vs Milia

So I've used the aspirin mask 3 times since last week. I used it on Friday, Saturday, Tuesday. I'm trying not to use the mask too often.

Good stuff

My face seemed to have lightened a bit and my freckles seem to change from a map of freckles on my face to some splotches. Although I'm not sure if it was the aspirin mask that helped or my new Garnier Light Foaming Wash (which I bought at the same time I bought the ingredients of my aspirin mask).

As for my milia, it looks dry. I think the milia seeds are starting to poke out and some milia turned into pimples, too. Hopefully, they're ready to come out! Exfoliation here I come!

On the other hand, I said in my last post that my Milia looked flatter...(Previous post) Unfortunately, on the days I didn't apply the mask, my milia reverted to how it usually looks but I'm still optimistic about it and I'll give it more time because I love how smooth my face feels.

And oh.. I've been breaking out like hell.. not sure if it's the mask or my new facial wash... I'll post more updates.


  1. Thank for your reply to my comment on your previous post.

    Yeah, my milia also turn into pimple which we can peek them out. Maybe that's what exploilation is all about, right? And about your break out, are those new pimples or just your old milia that turn into pimple?

    I'm trying the mask again tonight. Wish both of us luck with it! ;-)

  2. I really hope exfoliation would do the trick, I really do. My break out is like 2-3 pimples :( one is from a clogged pore and the others are milia that turned into a pimple..

    Good luck to us both! :)

  3. I see. I kinda have more than you do then. What do you use after you pop it out? It sure leave scar on my face!

  4. When I pop my pimples, I disinfect it with alcohol if it bleeds, if it doesn't, I just leave it alone and wait until my face heals... I've been using Garnier light products to lighten the scars(the yellow kind). I'm using the moisturizer, facial mask, facial foam and scrub.

    T_T I got more pimples today... huhuhuhu!

  5. My face is sensitive to facial mask, and i have oily skin, so I'm not sure If using moisturizer is good on my face.

    I'm also having more pimples - those milia That turn into pimples. HeHe, we should call it Miliple? You know, milia>pimple=miliple? Lolz. . .

  6. Hahaha!!!

    I got more "miliples" (huhuhu)! I'm not sure the Garnier Moisturizer is for oily skin, but it's was really effective in lightening my pimple scars, even though I don't put it on religiously (only when my face feels dry).

    As for the facial mask, it's really too bad because it sped up clearing up my skin. It's also as addicting as the aspirin mask.

    The Garnier masks have small trial packets.