Homemade pore strips

I think since the homemade aspirin mask experiment, I've been converted into a DIY beauty product advocate... I LOVED the aspirin mask.. and I've only tried it 2-3 times!

I've watched other videos about DIY pore strips. Some used Elmer's Glue which I will not consider trying and there's Michelle Phan's Homemade Pore strips which I will try! In addition, I think I want to try the Egg whites and paper towel pore strips... but I might just waste the egg :(

Hmmm... On the other hand, some people say that the home made pore strips are not working for them... I need to do more research!


  1. Hey there, I'm so glad I meet another Milia sufferer! I also have these white bumps on my cheek, forehead, and some on chin, except eye area. I'm trying aspirin mask too. It does leave my skin so soft, but i'm not sure about my milia get flatten. I've tried it for twice so far. Will continue for a while to test it out.

    I also take Vitamin E tablet. I did some pop-out and it left me scar. You know, some of milia turn into red pimple, and I just pop the yellow thing inside out without hard pressure. I dunno if this is a good way to cure Milia.

    I'm so upset and annoyed when people notice my face and ask what happened. It is very embarrassing. I just want my normal face back!

    lets keep in touch, okay?

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  3. @Kelly: Thanks for the comments

    I've tried the mask around 3 times only, I think some of my milia are starting to come out as pimples on my chin and the ones under my eyes seem to be peeking out. It looks like I can tweeze them or exfoliate them off.

    My face is so dry because of the aspirin mask, but I'll keep on trying and I'll probably buy a really good moisturizer.