Aspirin Mask and Milia

This month I was actively looking for a cure for my milia (I had a post about this before: link). I had a facial at VMV Hypoallergenics around 3 weeks ago and the girl who was taking care of me said that it would cost around 1,500 PHP ($32) to remove ONE bump... just ONE bump!!! (I'll never go back to that place again.. over priced services.. hmph!).

While I was reading about other people's experiences with milia, I wondered if a diamond peel could help. Some people said it did and one person said an Aspirin mask could help.

So, I was distracted from my search for a cure for my milia and spent the rest of my free time reading about Aspirin masks.

There was so many positive feedback about it so I bought myself a bottle of generic aspirin for 70 php ($ 1.50) for 100 tablets. As soon as I got home, I tested it on my skin. No allergies!!! I tried the aspirin mask on my face the following day and the day after (Friday and Saturday).

Results from other people and some comments from me ( used the mask only 2 times)

- dries out acne (I think it did but my pimples heal fast)
-reduces redness (Can't really say at the moment)
-reduces size of pimples (Can't really say)
-shrinks pores (It did! I have smaller pores)
-Easy to make (Yes!)
-Inexpensive (I think the honey I used it more expensive than the aspirin itself)
-Makes skin smooth as a baby's bottom (100% YES, No exaggeration when they said "baby's bottom")
-exfoliates well (Yes!)

-messy (If you mix it with honey it's not so messy)
-irritates skin at first (It didn't irritate my skin.. probably depends on your skin type)
-difficult to spread (I liked spreading the mask on my face)
-makes you sneeze (I didn't really sneeze)
-time consuming (Not really... I put one on before my date with my boyfriend)
- can be quite drying (yes to this one, BUT there's moisturizers~!)

Here's the mixtures I tried with my aspirin:
1. Aspirin and water (skin test)
2. Aspirin, water and a few drops of tea tree oil
3. Aspirin, water and honey

The best mixture is the third because it smelled yummy~! All three gave the same effect "Smooth as a baby's bottom" and the mixture with the tea tree oil made my face tingly.

The best benefit I got from this was:

It made my milia look flatter! Although I'm not sure if this is a good thing... right now, any change is a good change!

By the way, my usual skin care routine is just a facial wash from Garnier and the Yellow moisturizer from Garnier which I'm not really religious about.


  1. What about your milia nearly 4 years after your mask??

  2. Unfortunately, it was just a temporary thing :( Also, I had my 'Millia' re-diagnosed and the doctor said I had syringoma.

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