Quick post: The Madrasta and The new addiction

Madrasta Update:

She actually told my sister that she wanted to leave and was only waiting for her "payment" Yipee!! My sister asked , "How much do you need?"

It's really looking good.

Addiction update:

I'm currently addicted to Garnier products... I have the moisturizer, toner, facial scrub, eye roll-on, brightening facial mask and the blue facial scrub.

The lightening Moisturizer is super effective so far.. I haven't been consistent applying it every morning and I still get great results.

I've also been using the facial mask, once or twice a week and It's the reason why my face is clearing up. On the other hand, I'm breaking out. (But I still love it)

Not much of a fan of the toner and the blue facial scrub, got MAJOR break outs because of those..

The facial mask and the eye roll-on, I just bought 2 hours ago. I tried the eye roll-on and it definitely was soothing... ( I cried buckets last night... I hate migraines). So, I went to work with super unmistakable puffy eyes, so obvious that no one can resist looking at them. What better day to test it, right? The puffiness DID subside, at least I think it did. It really felt good on the skin that I want to keep on rolling on my eyes.. but I'm trying not to. I'm scared it might have some bad effects if you put too much on.

Anyway, I've been trying mostly the yellow Garnier products and avoiding the blue ones. I don't like the smell of the blue ones. The blue facial scrub smelled like soil and gave me really big zits all over.

I think I can say that Garnier made me less lazy about my skincare... better results = more addicted... I can't wait.

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