Hair Treatments

(Review attempt~)

Hair Status:
  • Straight 
  • Long
  • Dry
  • Coarse
  • Thick Strands
  • Rebonded (August 2009).

I've been using Cream Silk's Precision Repair Treatment since December. Hani, the stylist I go to at Tony and Jackey's salon complained that my hair was so dry. I read some blog reviews about this treatment and I thought I'd give it a try.

Product Directions:

After using shampoo & conditioner, squeeze out excess water and massage a few scoops onto hair. Leave on for just 3-5 minutes, then rinse. For best result, use with Cream Silk Protect & Revitalize Conditioner and Cream Silk Smooth Defense Leave-On.

For normal to slightly damaged hair, use at least once a week. For severely damaged hair after coloring/straightening/perming, use consecutively for 3 days and every 7 days after.

I tried the weekly, every Sunday treatment instructions written on the tub, but it didn't do much to my hair. So I tried the alternative for slightly damaged hair "use consecutively for 3 days and every 7 days after. This made my hair super oily. It DID help my oh-so-dry hair but to an extreme! I'd choose dry hair over oily hair.

Being the stingy person that I am, I wasn't comfortable having the whole tub go to waste.. I tried to use it directly after shampooing (Hihihi because, I didn't want to finish up my Raspberry Conditioner).

I've using the treatment as a conditioner every day after shampoo. I only use approximately less than a tablespoon though. I'd say my hair is normal... still dry but without tangles.

All in all, the treatment does what every normal conditioner would do for my hair. I don't think I'd buy another tub of this.. I'll just try something else.

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