Fair Skin

Though I'm not much of a fan about the standards of beauty here in the Philippines, I'm still subjected to some amount of vanity about my skin. Despite the fact that I hate to be those shallow and superficial girls, I still want to be fairer. I don't have clear skin and I would die for clear skin...

I've tried so many whitening products but I have never used them religiously, especially the whitening creams or lotions. I'm more disciplined when it comes to soaps. The only disadvantage about soaps is that it would only whiten your skin up to a certain point, which is why we need other products to enhance the effect of the soaps..

So far I have tried the following soaps:
Likas Papaya - my sister suggested this
Wonder soap - my grandmother made me try this
Belo Whitening - This was the most effective of the three but it made my skin so dry...

for facial washes i tried:
Ponds (I forgot what kind)
Loreal's whitening facial wash
Clean and Clear whitening facial wash

None of these made my skin improve.

Recently, my skin is a complete wreck because of the severe allergies I got last week. I'm so desperate to restore my skin to at least a presentable state. At the moment, I'm trying Mosbeau's White Underarm and Inner Thigh Cream since my rashes did a lot of damage on my underarm area.. It seems to be improving.. I'll try to post updates about my product test or until I find a better cream..

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