Ekai's Wishlist~

A few years ago... I was worried that I've lost my direction in life, I didn't know what I to do and I didn't want anything... I didn't want to buy anything or I didn't want to do anything. Right now I can proudly say that I have changed for the better. My college friend's suggestion to set little goals like "write on journal", "update facebook status" every now and then helped me so much. In addition, I've even started an new hobby aside from my video games. ^_^

Thanks Nikki and Affie.

Though I do not have much on my wish list... since I have splurged on most of it at the end of 2009, there are still some things that I still want and starting to want (so to speak).

1. New Cellphone - I got this for myself on Christmas hello Satio~
2. New Laptop - I got this last October
3. Wallet
4. Bag Rack/ Coat Rack
5. Big bag
6. A big Bead container (Pill box)
7. Clay tools
8. Maraschino Cherry Scented beauty products~!

Right now I'm focused on getting my Maraschino Cherry scented colognes or soaps! I really hope I find something soon~

I wonder is I should buy the Cherry Scented Shampoo and Bath Gel from Philosophy

Image from Philosophy website
I want~

Maybe I should put a custom order for a cherry scented something in The Body Bakery ..

I'm not sure if the multiply site is the same as http://www.thebodybakery.com grrr I really hate that all multiply sites are blocked in the office.

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