What's in my bag~

My bag's not so unique and very inexpensive compared to other people but I decided to share something about myself

Here's my 250 peso bag~ with matching keychains my boyfriend gave to me as a gift:

Here's what's inside my bag:

As you can see, I put almost everything in separate pouches ahaha! Here's a list of the things you can see:
1. Vanity Pouch
2. Kleenex
3. Ipod case
4. Cell phone pouch
5. Wire Pouch
6. Wallet
7. Coin Purse I got from the Jolly Jeep I eat in always
8. House Keys
9. Mints
10. Perry Elise Perfume
11. Clean & Clear Moisturizer
12. Mini Brush
13. Sony Ericsson Data cable
14. Bath and Body Works Cucumber Melon hand gel
15. Eye Drops
16. Mini Amplifiers
17. Scrunchies
18. Sony Ericsson earphones
19. Alaxan (ahaha)
20. Kremil S

I've separated my stuff into two categories, Gadgets and vanity.

Here are my gadgets:

1.Mini Speakers
2. Earphones
3. C50 Cherry dual sim phone
4. Ipod touch
5. Red Sony Ericsson Satio phone (not in pix.. ahaha It's what I am using as a camera).
6. Wires wires and more wires (I mislabled the picture~)

now for the vain part~

1. Stilla lip palette
2. burt's bees lip balm
3. Neutrogena Lip Moisturizer
4. Clean and Clear cooling facial wash
5. Cinique make up remover
6. Cool Mist alcohol spritzer
7. Maybelline facial powder
8. Body Shop Raspberry lip gloss
9. Stilla Smudge pot
10. Body shop eyeshadow
11. Hair Pin
12. Face Shop gel liner brush

I just realized that I have so much stuff in my bag! Actually, before I would only bring my burt's bees lip balm plus the rest of my gadgets in my bag. I only added more vanity items recently.

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