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I've always been the boyish type in a group of girls. I've only started being vain several months ago in an attepmt to take better care of myself and to fulfill the only New Year's resolution I've never completed ever since college. All this taking care of myself and this vanity made me a lot more conscious about my appearance. I hate my skin.. I have freckles, I have dry skin, I have uneven skin tone... and I recently discovered that I have "milia"

What is milia?
I did a "define: milia" query on google and here's the best definition I got:
Milia are deep white bumps that form when skin cells become trapped rather than exfoliated.

I hate it, and it's actually the reason why I do not wear any make up, if I put on powder or foundation. It shows more because it looks scaley

Here's the picture that caused my misery...

Although I have a little less than that and it's not that noticeable unless you are 3 inches away from my face... It still iritates me. Before I go to a professional I wanted to try some suggestions posted on the forums. So I tried Clean and Clear's Oil Free Moisturizer that has Salicylic Acid... Well, it did lessen the bumps a bit.. but I broke out.

At the moment I'm still at a loss on how to get rid of these bumps.. once they're gone, I'll move on to my freckles..

(Update: I had to change the title because it seems to be misleading some readers)

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