Planner revamped!

In a previous post, I mentioned that my planner was warped because of the heat (I left it on top of the TV huhuhu). I was looking for those cute fabric Book Covers with handles sold at power books a few years ago, I bought a 120 peso book cover at national book store but it looked horrible! So I went to powerbooks hoping to find those cute book jackets... to no avail. Powerbooks didn't sell those cute jackets anymore.

I tried scavenging around the gift section in powerbooks and found a small unorganized box of leather wallets and some leather... just leather. I was wondering what those leather stuff was for, apparently it was a book cover!

Luckily, there was a stack of the planners I have beside that ignored shelf of gift items I tried the book cover on the planner and it fit perfectly~ It costs 850 pesos... but it was worth it because I use a planner religiously. Now my planner looks like the 2007 starbucks planner:

Here's my warped Planner.. I know.. The front is not warped and there's only a small area that's warped but I'd be disturbed by it the whole year because of my OC-ness.

The warped area:

Here's the book cover from aklateklat.com

Here's inside the book cover:

Here's my beloved planner protected by me leather book cover~

I'm not entirely a fan of the blue leather wrap thing and the little bead trinket. I actually changed the direction of the Leather wrap so I can close my planner better~
Planner Disaster recovery: accomplished~!

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