Hair Style adventures...

Either My Haircut is that great or my shampoo is really working... every month my hair evolves to a different style. I've always loved Jenny's (Taylor Momsen) Straight and Edgy look from Gossip Girl.


I had my hair cut around October or November, I don't exactly remember when. It's so difficult being so dependent on a planner ahahaha... Anyway, I had my hair rebonded last August 2009, so I thought it was my chance to try the straight and edgy look I always wanted. I asked my hairstylist Hani from Tony and Jacky (Makati) to cut four inches of my hair... she gasped. Hahaha! she always does that when I say I want shorter hair. She tells me that my hair would stick out every where because of the "fly aways"

Since she didn't want to cut my hair short, I had my hair layered, with the "Pointed" style with bangs. I don't know how to describe the pointy layered look. The normal layered hair cut is like Jennifer Aniston's hair:

And the Pointy Layered style is something like this:

My hair kinda looked like the picture above but mine look softer. I like her hair T_T Back to the topic, the longer my hair gets.. the "softer" the hair style looks. from the edgy look, my hair is starting to look lik this (with bangs):

Either Hani is one hell of a stylist or my shampoo is amazing!

I always get my haircuts from Tony and Jacky in Makati, I've had traumatic experiences with other salons before so I'm skeptical when it comes to new salons. In addition, whatever salon I go to, when I ask for my hair to be styled in a certain way, I always get the same generic uniformed layered cut similar to Jennifer Aniston's hair... I don't want a uniform hair cut! Whether it's Piandre, Bench Fix, or David's salon... my hair looks the same when I go out.

I was tired of having boring hair so I took a risk two years ago (June 2007) and tried Tony and Jackey's salon (despite my traumatic experience where I actually had to chop off my hair because it looked hideous.). The salon was right across the street from my previous office! ^_^ I loved my hair cut that time, it was a safe cut but my hair moved with the wind!! and I only got a hair cut no treatments whatsoever. The stylist, Martin, styled my hair with the pointy layered cut and thinned out because my hair is so thick and heavy.

I wasn't able to get a hair cut until Feb of 2008 because I was assigned to New York of a couple of months and the following months after I was really busy. But my hair still looked great.

While I was in New York I bought Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship shampoo and conditioner.

I've been using this since 2008.

Right now I don't know why my hairstyle gets prettier the longer it gets...I'm not sure if it's Tony and Jacky or my Long Term Relationship shampoo. Maybe I'll try a different shampoo for a couple of months

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