Gift Lab bazaar

Quick post. I went to Gift Lab's bazaar yesterday.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to take any pictures of this bazaar since I was only there to pick up my aunt and have lunch at rockwell... but! I was able to go around for a few minutes...

anyway... It was a nice bazaar they also have a website, though I haven't checked it out. I have a really busy weekend. So I'll post the shops that gave me their cards.

1. The Body Bakery
I love the smell of their products.. If my sister wasn't staring down my wallet every time I buy something, I would've buy that mixed berries body butter... the girl from the booth told me I could have a customized scent!!! I've been looking for a cherry scented perfume since the year started... I hope they can make one!

2. http://theinksquad.com/
Impressive website! Cute shirts... I bought the Peacebol shirt by Miyaw Tala and the Evolution of Rock shirt by Kwinsi for my boyfriend hahaha I would've worn the Peacebol shirt if there were sizes for me, hmmm I'll probably steal it back from my boyfriend... Anyway, the ink squad team are promoting "design democracy" where designers would submit their works and other designers will vote then the winner's design will put on a shirt or something hahaha just go to the site and check it out!

3. http://theposhwardrobe.multiply.com/
My aunt bought me some accessories from this shop... I love almost everything she's selling

4. there was a shirt shop beside the posh wardrobe.. I wasn't able to get any contact details.. but all their shirts were really pretty.. even the shop owner was pretty. I should've gotten her card...

5. Party Pics
Last but not the least... here's the booth where I had the most fun~

me, my sister and my aunt~

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