People watching

Ever since I transferred to my current company, I picked up a weird habit of people watching. Actually, it's not a totally new habit, it just got focused on a particular street and a particular time of the day.

Every morning when I pass by Paseo de Roxas near Ayala Ave, I start people watching. I'm usually drawn to what they're wearing, if it suits them and if they can work it, so to speak. Dressed for the corporate world!

I see a lot of pretty people, unfortunately my driver wouldn't give me a chance to take a picture... I'll just try to recreate the look using Looklet.com

Here's an outfit I saw a couple of months ago:

I dressed it up a bit. There were 2 girls I saw wearing this outfit. Both girls were wearing black slacks and a belt over their blouse, one girl was wearing a plain white blouse and the other was wearing a printed blouse. Finally, they were both wearing red ballet flats, which was what drawn me to the out fit.

Here's an outfit that made me say "aw crap!"

She's wearing the same outfit as me! huhuhu.. As usual, I dressed it up a bit... What I'm wearing is more realistic than the picture.. this picture is close to what the girl was wearing except the girl and I were both wearing purple blouses. (I couldn't find a purple blouse in Looklet.com).

I am currently addicted to Looklet.com, and I realized that I am not able to create looks that are "high fashion" like every one else. I'm more on the simple looks.

I checked my Looklet page~ I have a follower~! wahahaha!

Good Morning~!


  1. "unfortunately my driver wouldn't give me a chance to take a picture..." I can imagine why! Nyahahaha :)

  2. Wahahaha~ Driver Problems since 2009! Hahahaha