I'm addicted to Dresses

I'd love to wear a dress everyday, but I hate the attention I get when I'm wearing dresses. I hate being the center of attention, it stresses me out.. but I like being pretty~! hahahaha

Hmm I got a comment about the jacket I am wearing... "are you Michael Jackson?" Tasteless prick... The only person he can associate with leather jackets is Michael Jackson... why can't other people mind their own business. *sigh*

Here's a set of dresses i liked from polyvore.com

Dress up!
Dress up! by bakabuta featuring Milly

Friday's Passer by (Looklet.com is finally up and running again)

She was wearing a black corset belt which made her look a little victorian-ish but I couldn't find a black corset belt at Looklet.com

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