I love Shawls

I'm starting to love shawls, It's a little late, I know but I find it more handy than bringing jackets. I also love jackets but jackets are too bulky to stuff in a girl's bag!

Shawls aren't as cozy as jackets but it looks pretty~!

There are so many ways to wear a shawl check out the "how to wear a shawl" page from Shawls unlimited

European style~! (from looklet.com), Europeans usually wear a coat with a scarf~ just like below.

Filipinas wear shawls off shoulder~ I recently got a wrap up dress that can be worn so many ways, I wear it as a shawl most of the time! Then last week I also bought a Shawl that can be converted to a poncho.

My sister was crazy about ponchoes before, I never thought it was so comfy~!

I want more comfy shawls!

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