Melt down

Whether it's Chuck Bass or Chuck Bartowski, hahaha I love them both. I just finished watching Season 1 and 2 of Chuck.. I'm so behind all these series.. I used to be really updated with these shows... I haven't even watched a single episode of the Big Bang Theory.. *sigh*

I just realized that I wasn't able to post anything since yesterday, I was going through a major office melt down. Some girl snapped at me when I asked a simple question on what task to prioritize yesterday and she answered with a tart snap. After that I got the cold treatment from her the whole day... It really irks me that she's taking her stress out on me. Only taught me one thing, not to care, I don't think I'd be giving 110% for her projects from here on out. It's not my job to "understand" her mood swings. Oh well...

Here's my meltdown look (image from Looklet.com I'm still camera shy):

Of course this is the dressed up version. I was wearing a Black and White striped version of the shirt and was wearing silver flip flops from Reef...

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