Belts Belts Belts~

I wish I knew how to wear these trendy belts over a blouse. I want to buy a cute and trendy belt but I wouldn't have any blouse to wear it with or I do not know how to wear it.

Anyway here's my outfit today (pix from Looklet.com), care of my loving boyfriend hehehe:

I couldn't find the exact cut of the dress I am wearing in Looklet.com, So, I just created something close at least. I'm wearing a Black and White Printed Button down Mini Dress with a belt and black skinny jeans. I never thought I would or could wear any swirly prints like what I am wearing.. but my boyfriend has good taste! Even better than mine >__<

I want a Red Belt!!!

I didn't see any pedestrian wearing anything remarkable this morning. I only remember that Chinese girl wearing a nice corporate look. hihihi... I wish I could pull off that kind of look.

I couldn't remember what she was wearing huhuhuhuhu~ I remember now! There were two girls who caught my eye a while ago... both wearing skirts

First Girl looked like she had very low self esteem, she was walking with her head down trying to cover her face but she had style and she was pleasantly plump but very cute! I wish I remember her top... driver was too fast... I remember her hair and her skirt though..

Sencond girl was very comfortable about her looks. She was wearing a white turtle neck and a blue printed floral skirt with beige peep toe heels

One funny thing that I've noticed was when there's a fad here in the Philippines, that particular fad becomes a uniform...

Oh well time to work...

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