I had a movie date last night with my boyfriend. We watched avatar in an IMAX cinema in the Mall of Asia. The movie was really nice... the graphics were amazing but for an IMAX movie, it was too long it made my head ache. The seats in IMAX aren't that comfortable and compared to the cinemas in greenbelt 3 which are freezing cold, the IMAX cinema was hot.

I love my boyfriend for saying this last night: "You remember that I will never be forced to go out with you and do the things that you like, I will do anything for you and it makes me happy"

I love you hon.

My officemate knew when I had plans to go out by my outfit hahaha I never thought she would notice. She noticed that I would wear normal shirts when I won't go out in the evening haha! I didn't notice I've been trying to dress up for my boyfriend hahah!

Anyway, I posted this outfit in my previous entry:

Since Looklet.com is currently under maintenance, I looked for a site similar to it and I found Polyvore.com. Unlike Looklet.com, Polyvore.com can get images from the net for the set you are creating. For the avatar set that I created, I took the shoes from the Anthology site and clipped it into my Polyvore set. hihi. Those are the exact shoes I was wearing!

Hihihi! I found a new addicting site.

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