Almost Chrstmas

It's almost Christmas and I don't have a wish list but I have a new years resolution (I'll Probably make a list for this)! Hmmm I can only think of a few gadgets I can add in my wishlist:
Portable DVD player
New TV
Sony Ericsson Satio Phone

I love gadgets more than make up, clothes or shoes. however, I can't ask these from my dad, they're too expensive. My dad never asks money from me to pay our utility bills. I try to buy him other stuff like an ipod or a wii, but most of the time he never asks for anything.

I think I wore the wrong jacket to work, It's too cold! Here's a dressed up version of my outfit today (looklet.com):

I bought new shoes from anthem! Here's a pic from the Anthem website:

I love my new shoes!

Maybe I should include "Digicam" in my christmas wishlist...

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